Scuba Diving the Mohawk 12 Days After Sinking

I visited the Mohawk on July 14, twelve days after sinking.   Seas were a good 3 – 4 feet, so I was glad we went out on the 100ft Ultimate Getaway.

I made one 3 hour scuba dive to 87 feet using my rebreather.  I could have stayed another hour but didn’t want to hold all the open circuit up from departing for home.  (Diving the rebreather rocks.)

Massive schools of bait fish (grunts) had swarmed the Mohawk inside and out, and I shot the first video of a Goliath Grouper taking residence on the Mohawk.   The visibility was notably better on this trip vs sinking day.   I spent a good deal of time inside the wreck this time out.   The engine and engine room are huge and blow outs in the decking allow quite a bit of ambient light down into it.   This video shows the life outside and inside the wreck.   The video in the next post highlights the sights from down in the engine room.