Mohawk After 83 Days

We ventured out to pay the Mohawk a visit on Sept 23, 2012. This was 83 days since she was placed down on Charlie’s Reef. Seas were less than 1 foot, sunny skies, light winds, and visibility was absolutely stellar at over 100 feet.

The wreck was bustling with both fish and plant life. We encountered a loggerhead turtle on the decent. Abundant schools of bait enveloped various parts of the super structure. At least two Goliath Grouper have taken residence with a very large one preferring to hang out below deck in the engine room.

We have a lot of video and images to compile and we will post them soon. In the mean time, the following two images compare the stern of the USS Mohawk from 4 hours after sinking to 83 days later.  You can only barely make out the name through the shroud of encrusting marine organisms.

USS Mohawk day 1 vs day 83.

Comparison of stern at day 1 vs day 83.