First 2013 Mohawk Trip

I made my first Mohawk dive of 2013 on Saturday March 9 aboard the Ultimate Getaway.  We left the dock in Ft Myers Beach at about 11pm Friday night, reaching Charlie’s Reef where the Mohawk sits at about 3am Sat.  Small Craft Advisories went up at 1am with 15-20 knot NE winds and 3-4 foot seas.   Still, the 100ft Ultimate Getaway handled it well and we were ready to hit the water at sun up.

Air temps early Saturday morning were in the low 50’s and felt a bit colder in the stiff NE breeze.  Water temps ranged from 65-68 F on the Mohawk.  Visibility was 30-40 feet, which was better than I expected considering the weather conditions we had in the prior week.

The plan for the open-circuit divers was to make three dives.  I would have shot for a single 3-4 hour dive on my rebreather in summer, but with colder water temps, I limited my first dive to 110 minutes, took a surface interval to warm up, then made a second dive of 60 minutes.

The marine life taking hold on the Mohawk is impressive.  Tomate bait schools swarm in and outside the hull.  Urchins, plants, anemones, sponges soft corals have completely encrusted the anchor chains.  Blennies and arrow crabs can be seen everywhere across the deck.  I saw one five foot shark near the prop cruising the bottom.  In the engine room, a monster-sized goliath grouper still claims its tenancy since we spotted it last September.

I had a special project to tend to during my dives, so I wasn’t able to dive with my main HD video rig and flood lights.  I was only able to shoot some ambient light stills and video with my vintage GoPro Hero.   Below are some of those images I grabbed.  I’ll update with some video soon.